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Even though the ELs may not be able to read, they should still be exposed to letters and words. A warm, welcoming environment encourages learning. The child has a hundred languages a hundred hands a hundred thoughts a hundred ways of thinking of playing, of speaking. It allows them to utilise their skills to solve puzzles and find the answer to solutions.  Click on the picture below (photo from her blog post) to take you there. Books, toys, manipulatives are all important parts of a Reggio -inspired classroom. Reggio -inspired literacy environment. Reggio Emilia schools help children learn in different ways from traditional American schools, but have inspired many to try their methods.  I was chatting with my principal yesterday and we were talking about the big push to get kids college and career ready but I think the entire system of education needs to define what that really means. An early childhood literacy blog was just the thing I needed to help me really dive into issues and trends as well as support families. A Brief History of, reggio, emilia, the. Literacy : Reggio, style. Now that you have a brief history of the. Reggio Emilia, approach, its time to discuss how you can create.

Reggio Emilia: Incontri reggio emilia literacy

They can web chat video bacheca di incontro self-direct their learning without the help of a teacher. . They can then copy the word onto paper. My reading about the Reggio Emilia approach started at that moment. As time went on, many became interested in the. In addition, I DO NOT think that standardized tests are the way for young children to demonstrate their learning.

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